22 Jan 2016
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There are more and more Americans getting second and third cars. This is making residential garage lifts extremely valuable in increasing the amount of cars they are able to fit into their garage. There are many different reasons why Americans are using these types of lifts.

So what makes a great car lift? Those in the car business are able to see on a daily basis the benefits and advantages of more superior car lifts. There are turntable lifts that are showcased in a dealership to draw attention to special vehicles, and the lifts that they have are also able to help in making more vehicles visible to the public.

What Makes a Great Parking Lift

Make More Cars Visible

Raising cars to be in a second row over the ones that are on the ground level helps to make them visible to the rest of the public that would not have been able to see them if they were behind the other cars on the ground level.

Draw Attention to Showcase Vehicles

Quality parking lifts are able to draw attention to a certain vehicle that is under a promotion or on sale. This helps draw the eyes of the customers to a certain car. But this same benefit applies to residential parking lifts as well. Some car owners have a car they are most proud of and utilizing a parking lift is going to enable them to show off the car they like best.

Great Parking Lifts Look Awesome

One of the easiest ways to notice a quality parking lift is going to be the aesthetics. These lifts aren’t just for storage. They’re designed to look great alongside any luxury cars they may be showcasing. This goes for residential and commercial settings. The PhantomPark Subterranean Parking Lift from American Custom Lifts is able to drop a vehicle beneath the surface or the ground and store it there. What is more fun to show off than a car that comes up from under the ground?

AC Lifts strives to provide only the most excellent types of lifts for homes. They are based in San Diego and are one of the nation’s premiere providers of residential garage lifts, car elevators, and even car dealership showroom lifts. For the residential garage that needs an upgrade, or even a commercial car dealership that needs a lift for the showroom, American Custom Lifts is the place to go! Call them today at 888-711-5438!

08 Jan 2016
garage lifts

These garage lifts make parking easy with one stall used for two cars.

Many homeowners are wondering when the time is right to get a new parking lift. That’s a very good question. Car enthusiasts and people with more than one car are realizing that there are great advantages to utilizing a parking lift and other kinds of installations that help to improve parking. American Custom Lifts is one of the innovators in the parking lift world that is helping its customers develop great solutions to the age-old question of “how am I going to get this car into the garage?”

So how is someone to know when they need to upgrade their garage system? That is the question so many people are asking. There are several main reasons that could influence someone to consider getting a parking lift to make more space in their garage!

Reasons to get a Custom Parking Lift

Getting a New Car

Some people find themselves wanting to purchase a new car, but hesitant because they don’t know how to go about parking the car at their home. For some homeowners, parking at the curb may be a plausible option. However, some neighborhood developments do not even allow parking at the curb, and in these and other cases the best option is going to be a parking lift.

Kids Turning 16

Although all kids start small, they will eventually grow to be older. Along with that comes them getting their driver’s licenses, learning to drive, and one day getting a car. One of the best ways to ensure that kids are getting their cars into the garage and out of the danger of the elements is to have a parking lift installed. This ensures that more cars are able to fit into the garage by utilizing all the storage space available.

Seeking More Garage Storage Space

Eventually there comes a time when more storage space is needed in a home. Whether for more tools to be stored, or to have more space for bicycles and other things in the garage, one major advantage of having a parking lift is that it is going to also create space to store these miscellaneous items that can go in a garage when there is space.

For Custom Parking Lifts, homeowners need not look farther than American Custom Lifts. They have over 20 years of experience in the industry, and are dedicated to solving problems that have to do with parking and storage of vehicles. American Custom Lifts is based in the San Diego area and has service centers nation wide and can be reached at 916-334-5438!

21 Dec 2015

Personalization is a major concern for many people. If you’re one of them, you probably search for ways to make your vehicle all your own. Not only does this include adding accessories, but it can mean utilizing a car lift. Car lifts are a hot commodity in today’s world.

What is a Car Lift?

A car lift comes in the form of a lift kit. Vehicles are physically lifted up while larger tires are installed. This makes the car appear bigger, and puts it higher than others on the road.

Benefits of a Lift

One major benefit you get from a lift kit is the ability to install larger tires. This gives you a unique look and style from everyone else with the same vehicle. You also get better vision. Rather than being low to the ground, your car will be lifted. This allows you to see further distances and have a better look at your surroundings.

Another benefit is that you gain higher ground clearance. This works well for driving in cold weather when snow fills the ground. The bottom of the car will not be as low to the ground, so snow and water will be passed over easier.

Two Lift Types

A bonus for car lifts is that are two lift types. Everybody is not forced to use the same style. A body lift and suspension lift are both offered. A body lift is the traditional type. It simply adds some height to the body of the car itself. The wheels and suspension stay at the same height as before. Larger tires can be added in this additional space without greatly altering the handling of the vehicle.

A suspension lift is a popular option because it lifts up the entire vehicle.Many truck owners use this type of lift to gain clearance for rocky terrain and mudding. Car owners can use this type of lift as well, but they need to be aware that their handling will change. They will have to practice maintaining control of the vehicle, especially on turns.

Lifting is not only for trucks and SUVS. The lifts associated with larger vehicles is often done for off-roading. Even lifted cars can not handle the type of terrain included in those activities. The lift for a car is simply to personalize the vehicle and create a unique look. Car lifts are a hot commodity that everyone should consider adding.

10 Dec 2015

residential parking lifts

As you may have read in our last blog post, residential parking lifts are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason! But it’s not just parking lifts that are catching on. As more and more people are moving to urban areas or getting suburban homes, space is becoming more and more limited! Space is one of the obvious benefits of our residential parking lifts like the PhantomPark which we discussed last time. Today we wanted to go over some of the other big benefits of our great lifts!

Benefits of Custom Lifts

They Can Protect Your Cars from Weather Damage!

With parking systems you are able to fit more vehicles in a home or garage, thus keeping them from being outside in the elements. Hail, rain, and even the sun can – over time – damage your automobile and cause costly damage. Our parking lifts are a remedy for the dangers of the environment and can allow you to place more of your cars in your garage and keep them safe!

A Swimming Pool Custom Lift saves space in your backyard!

One of the most intriguing custom lifts engineered by American Custom Lifts is the swimming pool, which fills up with water as the bottom sinks down and turns the surface into a swimming pool. This unique design is not only creative, it also promotes safety by preventing pets and even children from being in danger in a backyard where there is a swimming pool.

Car Dealership Showroom Lifts!

Before parking and vehicle lifts were popular in residential areas, they were widely used in professional and commercial showrooms to give consumers a better glimpse of their dream car. Chances are, the car you are looking to find a new parking spot for was once on a lift in a dealership, waiting for its new home. This may seem like a given, but without these car dealership showroom lifts, dealers would have a much harder time selling their cars, and we as consumers would have a much more difficult time trying to find the right car for ourselves.

PhantomPark Subterranean Lift Hides Your Boat in the Backyard!

If you haven’t yet seen the clip of our Custom PhantomPark Subterranean lift, do yourself a favor and go watch it. It’s a truly amazing design. With our lift technology we are able to build your boat lift beneath your backyard, saving space but also providing a great cover for it from hail and rain. If you live by the water and are interested in finding a better way to store your speedboat this may the one for you!

18 Nov 2015
custom garage lifts

Garage Lifts have been dramatically increasing in popularity!

Custom Residential Car Lifts

Have you ever wanted to make more space in your own garage? Today’s innovative technology has become advanced enough to allow you to increase your space and you can have more than one vehicle located on top of one another when placed on a stall.

Just how official valet parking drivers in big time cities place one car over another in parking car garages, you can now stack vehicle over vehicle and make room in your very own garage for your own convenience! Urban settings in particular need more space for their vehicles because of overcrowding little parking space on the streets.

Single Post Parking Lift

One of the first types of American single post parking lifts took off just before the new millennium in 1999. These lifting posts have the capacity to hold the weight of SUV’s, trucks, and other heavy vehicles. Single post parking lifts are designed to safely hold one car on a stall with another underneath it.

PhantomPark Subterranean Parking Lifts

Parking lifts have become a widely popular phenomenon, most particularly in jam-packed cities where space is limited. However, residential garage car lifts have become a trend in recent years for people wanting to make room in their homes. Citizens can increase their space and set multiple transportation vehicles on the grounds of one stall.  For homeowners who have a limited parking area, adding custom residential car lifts can allow to maximize garage space ultimately making a genius and exceptionally innovative way to provide storage for more than one car.

There’s no denying car lifts is a rising trend in the nation. The amount of people that choose to get custom lifts in their garages has increased over the years.  Custom lifts for cars act much like elevators for people as it lowers the vehicles below ground. For people who are curious about saving space or figuring out a solution to their problem about parking the multiple cars they own when they have the limited space of a small garage, investing in a type of parking lift can be not only a great investment but a wise decision.