Choose from a variety of Portable Stacker Lifts to suite all your business or residential lifting needs.


Battery Stackers

These Battery Stackers include Counterweight Stackers (CW Series, C62A, C74A) and Battery-Operated Stackers (B600 Series). With over 1000 – 2000lb capacities.


Manual Stackers

These Manual┬áStackers include Foot-Operated Stackers (M100, M200, M300, M400, M800 Series). With over 1000 – 2000lb capacities.


Pallet Stackers

These Pallet Stackers include the PS Series, PS500 Series, PSA Series, PST Series, PST50 Series, and PSTA Series . With over 1000 – 2700lb lifting capabilities.


Specialty Stackers

These Specialty Stackers include the A/C Electric Stackers (EPF Series, ESF Series, and EPFT Series) and the Hand Crank Mechanical Stackers (MV Series Platform, MV Series Adjustable). With over 700 – 1000lb lifting capabilities.


Work Positioners

These Work Positioners include Non-Straddle Work Positioners (WP Series Non-Straddle) and the Straddle Work Positioners. With over 2000 – 3000lb lifting capacities.