Mobile Column Lifts

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Mobile Column Lifts



  • All columns operate together, individually or can be divided into multiple pairs.
  • All columns act as control columns to raise or lower vehicles.
  • 67” lifting stroke for tall mechanics.
  • Adjustable lifting forks accommodate the widest range of wheels
    from 13” to 24” for up to 48” diameter tires (wider carriages optional for
    larger tires).
  • Optional Auto Frame adaptor available for passenger cars & light trucks.
  • Sealed rollers on the wheels for easy movement of the columns.
  • Hydraulic operation (no screw drives) for safe, efficient, fast & easy lifting.
  • Barrel type roller bearings on carriages for a lifetime of trouble free service (no plastic slide blocks or plastic rollers).
  • 208-240 volt 3 phase AC power standard, also optional 440/460 volt or single phase, or 24 DC operation.
  • Communication and electrical cables disconnect at both ends.
  • Manual safety over-ride permits columns to be lowered in a power outage
    without using hand cranks.
  • 18,000, 24,000 or 30,000 lb. capacity columns.
  • Low profile fork angle for easy positioning of columns, especially for
    floatation tires.
  • Mix 15” & 22” fork models to safely raise all vehicles & fully contact
    both dual rear tires.
  • Mix different capacity columns for heavy ended vehicles.
  • Adjustable forks means no wheel reducer sleeves to buy, lose or slip off.
  • Open ended daisy-chain communication cables assures trouble free
    column communication.


  • Pallet jack style DUAL STEERING WHEELS lower when weight is applied
    (vs. spring-loaded steering wheels which can cause columns to roll when
    not loaded.
  • 19 safety lock positions spaced every 3” starting at 12”.

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