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Hear from our happy customers!

Thanks Shannon!  I wish all companies I worked with were as responsive and on-top-of-it as you all are.



Installation went Beautiful. I’m very pleased, and Allied was great and the quality of the product speaks for itself!!

Thank you for the follow up.

I sent pics to your email. I am a happy customer!


Hello Lisa,

I did get the drip pans and they are working great in your lift.  Thank you so much.  The customer service from American Custom Lifts has been exceptional.

Best Regards,

Rick H

Sobieski, WI

Hi Jason,

The lift is in and I am a satisfied customer.

Installers Amando and his father were careful, thoughtful, patient and fine fellows all the way around. In addition, they took away every bit of debris when they finished. I give them a solid A grade. The lift is in exactly the spot I want it and is operating beautifully.

Only thing I need now are big, bright Made in the USA stickers to put on the column and on the rails.

Thank you Jason for building a fine product.

Greg B.

Jason & Shannon,

Thank you again to you both. I wish more companies operated like yours!!!!

Denver D.

Bend, OR


Jorge will install this Thursday, confirmed.

Frankly, so far 100% satisfaction, couldn’t be any better!

Thank you again!!


Vadim & team did a great job.  We’re extremely happy with the end result and having you guys custom-engineer the size gave us exactly what we wanted. Our electrician came in later in right behind them to connect the circuit and we were all drinking margaritas by 6PM with all of our cars parked inside.

Thanks for making this happen.  Please feel free to use us as a reference any time.  You have some very happy customers on this end.

Jim F.

San Carlos, CA

Installation went awesome, and the lift was beyond my expectations.  Will was a true craftsman in his installation, and a great spokesman for your product.  He makes an excellent customer liaison and ACL is well served by his efforts.

Attached are a few pics, and feel free to use them. Also please write me a deal for another 4.5 that is identical.


Thanks for the follow-up Brad. Yes, Frank seems to think he can repair the lift and I confirmed with PFlow that they still stock all the parts for this model. I will be figuring out the costs over the next couple weeks to see if repairing the lift makes sense. I will keep you posted and really appreciate your help on this one. I contacted so many different lift companies and you were by far the most responsive and helpful and I really appreciate that. Thanks for the great customer service!

~ Alex M

Thank you. You’ve been a tremendous help. Other companies brush off small orders like this or don’t provide adequate documentation of the lift/install.

Thank you!

~ Doug

Good Morning Brad,

Lee arrived right on time with a friend and got to work immediately. He did a fantastic job, handled the lift with care and installed it without any nicks or scratches! It was packaged for shipping much better than my last two lifts and was in excellent condition when it arrived (the others were pretty beat up by the shipping & handling and they even managed to bend one of the tracks on the single post lift). Great improvements on the shipping, for sure!

Was amazing to watch him work. Truly an expert installer! Entire install only took 3 hours. Only hiccup was the hardware package was missing two washers – fortunately, i have a pretty good stock of hardware to support my fabrication projects and had the right size. Lee even had oil with him. Also, my wiring job didn’t explode, catch fire, or even smoke so that was good too!

The new, low profile foot was worth every penny – might be good to just make that the standard foot for the lift. It is SO much nicer than the one on my other lift that I am wondering if it might be possible to replace that foot with the low profile one (not sure if the post bolt pattern will work on the new foot). I can actually get my 911 RSR over the low profile foot w/o having to drive it on boards – and it is VERY low. I have about 3/8″ clearance over the foot so it just barely makes it. On the old single post, I have to drive all my cars up on 2 x 12’s to raise them enough to get over that foot.

Anyway, I have attached a pic of the new install (i have a whole series of photos documenting the process). Really impressed with the quality of the new lift. The welding is better, finish is better (no sharp edges), fit of the parts has been improved, assembly went more smoothly, paint has been really improved and it just seems to be a higher quality product than the old one.

Thanks for putting me in touch with Lee. I can absolutely recommend him and confirm that you have a fantastic representative for AC Lifts in our area!

So, that’s the quick summary of my Saturday morning! Hope all is well on your coast,

~ Bob

I was inspired by Landaker’s story. I ordered a lift and had Nic install it. I live in Las Vegas and Nic currently lives in Northern California. He is occasionally in Southern California for work and arranged to swing by my house to install the lift. He was very professional and has installed about 3,000 of these lifts. I purchased the American Custom Lift to fit in my standard one car garage stall. Nic gave me advice before, during and after the install. He provided advice regarding the wall mounted jack shaft garage door opener, the placement of the 220V power plug, the four foot ramps and the low profile base. Since my garage height ranged between 112-114″, he suggested having the factory trim 3″ off the tower height. I have nothing but nice things to say about him and Shannon at American Custom Lifts. If you are considering a lift, do yourself a favor and contact Nic for advice. As they say pictures are worth a thousand words. Here are a few thousand words worth.

Best Regards,
~ Nic Guagliardo

Love your product and you’re great as well…..thanks for the follow up!

~ Michael Fuller

Kristi –

Thanks for following up. The install went very well! I can’t speak highly enough about Armando and his team at Amerimex. Not only were they very professional, they were very methodical and efficient with the install. They even made a point to finish just prior to some wet weather coming into my area to avoid me having to keep my classic cars outside in the bad elements.

As others have noted in their reviews, I’m am pleased with the build quality and the “beefiness” of the components. It certainly wasn’t the lowest cost option. However, I already feel it was worth the extra cost.

~ Arnie

Hi Shannon,

A million thanks to you and Jason! I don’t think there was an American Custom Lifts sticker included with the lift, but if there were I’d surely attach it! Great customer service. I will highly recommend your company when fellow car people see my lift. Thanks again.

Mike C.
~ Gold Canyon, AZ


Thanks so very much. Also, I’m very happy to report that now that my three ramps have cycled up and down a few times they are smooth as silk. Kristi I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am with you and your product. I sincerely appreciate your numerous follow ups!!
Thanks again…you have a customer for life.

~ Jim G. – Palm Desert

Hey Kristi,

Armando did the installation last Friday and he did a fantastic job. He was extremely professional and I am beyond pleased with the service from both you and him. A special thank you to you – for all your help in this entire process. I would be happy to act as a referral anytime!

~ Sagar


Lee was awesome – The lift is fantastic – and my measurements were pretty darn good!

I would highly recommend your company to anyone who is interested in buying a lift. Great product, great customer service – rare these days. Great working with you.

~ Jared – Westown Township, PA

You guys are very efficient and professional to work with. It is a welcome change from other contractors.

~ Simon E. – Wimberley, TX

Perfect Billy,

Exceptional service and it’s precisely why I remember you guys. Thank you very much!

~ J.P.

Thanks Brad,

All is good. I wish I needed another lift, I would order another one right now from you. I will definitely put your name out there if anyone needs one.

Thanks Again,
~ Pat


Thanks for the call and email. I am glad you are still going strong. The lift has been great and your service and personal interest has been rewarding – just the kind of people you want to do business with.

Lets stay in touch.

Best to You and Your Family.
~ Gary C.

Hi Brad,

Harry installed the repaired cylinder yesterday and it is working well. Thanks for your excellent customer service and follow up.

Makes me glad that we did business together!
You guys are great!

Best Regards,
~ Tom D.

I feel the need to say this: The folks at American Custom Lifts are good people. I have two of their M1 single custom lifts. I am very happy with their product and they take good care of their customers.

~ David B.

Lift is installed and tested. Great product and fantastic service from the sale through the installation.

Just wanted to say thanks.

~ Jim F.

Also Jorge Lago is A+. He did a great amazing job and is truly a good person.
Thanks again.

~ John P.

It is because of your professionalism around this transaction and I want to make sure you get full credit for it.

~ Santino

Thank you so much Brad. They fit beautifully.

Thank you for everything. Your company and service is second to none.

~ Anthony


Both of my lifts are going strong and I have had no issues or problems – really happy with them!  People are continually amazed at the single post lift and I always give them your name!

~ Bob W.

Hi Shannon,

I seldom come across a company that takes the effort to shop around for best prices for labor. You’re really providing some great customer service. I presume these installers are approved contractors that you guys typically worked with on lift installations.

~ Waiman

“I was an interior designer on a project where this product was being installed. I had heard and seen pictures of parking lifts – but, had never seen one in action – WOW!!! The residence was in a beach community where parking is a premium and our mutual client had numerous automobiles. I happened to be at the house the day the parking lift was installed…I was so impressed! The installers were professional and used such precision. In a matter of a few short hours I was able to see cars being lifted and lowered in an area that had basically been a hole in the garage floor when I had arrived at the house earlier. I cannot wait to be able to use them on a future project.”

~ Signature Design Studio / Kara Maas, Allied ASID


A ton of thanks to YOU and Company for getting us the lift ahead of schedule. You are a rarity in this business.

~ Douglas Relick

Here is the lift with two cars in the garage, please feel free to have any clients reach out to me for a reference, Jorge did an awesome job with the install as well, could not be happier.

Thank You

~ Mark Bruno

Hi Brad,

Gary from Garik Automotive in NJ and his crew were great BTW. He is a true professional and knows his business. Would highly recommend him and your company for the attention you’ve given me thus far. The lift is actually a substantial piece of equipment, commercial grade. I’m very impressed with the quality of its construction. Much better than the 4 post lift I had previously. Watching the installation process gave me the confidence I needed to have in the lift. Thanks for following up with me and I’ll keep you posted on any issues. Two of my other cars are pretty low as well so the longer ramps might be necessary. I’ll let you know.

Best Regards,
~ Tom


Hi Duke,

Just wanted you to know that the lift was installed last Thursday and everything has worked out as planned. I choose to use the 77 inch stop, instead of the 74 inch stop which would also have accommodated my SUV but with only a hair of clearance when the rear wheels are traveling over the base.

Your product has proved to be the perfect solution for my car storage needs. I am very pleased and one happy customer.

Thanks for all your help.

~ Dominic


I do not recall receiving warranty paperwork. However, with even no paper work, the positive and immediate response to the issues with my lift was most impressive. In this day and age you almost always get into the mindset of the impending argument over warranty issues. It is most pleasant and encouraging to see firms like American Custom Lifts that stand 100% behind their products.

~ Bob J.

Hi Nic and Brad,

First off I want to say a big “thanks” to both Brad and Guido for making this happen. You provide great guidance, consultation, and customer service 2nd to none! I really enjoyed working with both of you and happy that Brad introduced me to Guido and his crew. Both of Guido’s guys are phenomenal and really know their stuff. I don’t believe i can trust anyone else to install such a lift and raise my $1/4 mil dream toy ;-). I had a lot of fun talking with them through out the install and even giving a hand here and there.

This is one bad ass lift! It’s so well built that i’m not sure why anyone would buy anything else. Please feel free to use all of my pix in the album link for your reference. just remove/blind my license plates please. see my business suggestion for both of you below.

~ NV

Hi Nic and Brad,

Thank you both for all the attention that was given to my custom single post lift and installation.

It is everything that I expected and more. The lift is extremely well constructed and the installation was smooth and without a single hiccup. My $12,000.00 epoxy floor did not get a single scratch on it !

The remote electric controls are perfect and having the extra safety stops puts me at ease with the lift.

Thanks again for everything.

Take care and we will talk again soon!
~ Lance

Hi Brad,

Thanks for the follow up. The lift arrived and was delivered to my business yesterday. I have not seen it yet but my operations manager told me the offloading went very well.

It has been a pleasure dealing with your organization, sadly one of too few companies that truly care about their customers.

Thank You!
~ Bill Z.

All done. Came out great. Joel was a pleasure to work with. Very professional and probably the most punctual guy I have ever met. He showed up within 1-2 minutes of the time he said that he would be here. With an almost 2 hr. travel time that was very impressive.

~ GR

Lift is so awesome, works great. you guys always exceed expectations!

Thanks Again
~ Bill Holzbaur

Hope I have another need for this type of product again. Your help and assistance has been a pleasant surprise. Customer Service is an art and it would seem on the verge of extinction. Not so with your company. You �get it� and it shows.

~ Tim Penner | Project Engineer

Dear AC Lifts,

It is truly a pleasure to deal with a company like yours, one that lives up to its word. It’s very rare these days. Pictures to follow as soon as the garage remodel is completed.
Have a great day

~ Bill

I installed the Q10 two post lift in my new shop just a few week after receiving but did not get electricity until November. We have used the Lift several times since and we have been trilled to have it. My next project is to finishing restoring my 70 Chevy pickup I have had in storage waiting for my shop to be built.

I was very pleased at how easy it was to set up. I would highly recommend this lift to anyone. Thanks for the follow up!

~ Jeff Fruge

The lift is beautiful. Bob did a great job installing it. We will send you photos so you can show customers how the 6.5 post fits in smaller garages. I now have an interesting “hybrid” garage with high garage door tracks on the lift side, and conventional tracks on the other side. I believe our garage demonstrates the highlights of your company over your competition: compact footprint, buried foot plate, and custom sizes/mechanics. This is much better than a 4- or 2- post in my application since space is a premium (the garage doubles as a workshop). I will be happy to send you a customer review with pictures if you are interested.

~ Tony

Hi Brad,

Was just out using my lift this morning and wanted to thank you for all your help. The lift is working great and has been a pleasure to own. With the 66 corvette on top, the Ford GT underneath and the Bentley Continental as the stable mate, it is nice to know all three are snug and safe. I have them all in storage bags and the lift does not interfere with them at all. If you ever have a client in the Malibu area who would like to see one of your lifts in place, I would be more than happy to show them mine.

P.S. I have not given up on the underground PhantomPark lift idea yet, just figured out a way to store all 11 vehicles until the next one causes me to act on my addiction.

Thanks again,
~ Jonathan Rader

I just wanted to report that the lift is whisper quiet! You are a stand-up guy and your company is awesome. No matter the economy, your business will always be in business because your customers will always stand by you. I know I will and you’re going to get all my friends and referrals! I wish you all the success in the world. You truly deserve it.

You’re the best…
~ Phil Holmes

Thanks for all your help. I’m happy with the 2 lifts that I have purchased from you guys, and i am glad you guys offer the support you do. Makes buying a lift from you well worth it.

~ Max

I just had installed a new 4 post lift from American Custom Lifts. I don’t post often but wanted to share my experience. I did research both with-in Club Cobra and on-line and decided on American Custom Lift. From my first call to Brad (I believe he is the owner) to the call from him today, to make sure that I was satisfied with the lift and Saturday’s installation, I spoke with him personally. My initial call for information resulted in no sales pressure and he even said positive things about some of his competitors that I was considering. After talking to him and getting direct answers to my questions I placed an order right before Christmas. He indicated 4 to 6 weeks delivery and met that time frame. He even called me between Christmas and New Years while they were closed just to up-date me on the progress. I’m near San Antonio, Texas and he had the lift delivered from Fort Worth by the installers. About 3 hours after they arrived they were finished, cleaned up, and sure I was comfortable with the operation. In my opinion this lift is much sturdier, easier to operate, and hence safer than others I was considering. You owe it to yourself to at least check them out if you are in the market for a free standing 4-post lift.

~ Arlen

Thanks Brad. I’ll get the pictures to you when I re-arrange the vehicles. Right now my 72″ Bad Boy ZTR Mower is underneath and a six passenger electric golf car is on top. I am very pleased with your lift…it’s one of the few things I’ve bought online and by phone that exceeded expectations in every regard. And give my best regards to Debra who helped me so much.

~ Rob DePree

It sure is nice knowing you’re there for us if we have a problem!!  We will definitely be recommending you to anyone we know who wants to put in a lift of some kind! I would say that overall, our experience (I think I can speak for Gary on this) with your company and with Kyle as well as with the crane company Kyle hired, has been very positive! Thank you so much for all your help and assistance with this project! We will definitely recommend you to others who inquire!

~ Patricia (and Gary)

Hi Brad,
We assembled the lift yesterday,no problems. I was impressed with the high quality and superb workmanship. I originally found your web site because I was looking for an American made lift. Thanks for the great product

~ Mark

Hello Debra,

I received the drip pans today.  I’m all set.  Thank you for all of your
help.  Truth be known, I decided to go with ACL after talking to you. You
were pleasant, and professional.  Your people skills stole Back Yard Buddy’s business.

Thanks again,
~ Tim

Thanks for the follow-up.  Although I’m not operating the lifts so much
this winter because of storage, it seems all is well.  I appreciate your efforts at coordinating with the installers to make everything right.  That’s just good business and not so consistently seen these days.  I thank you. I’ll keep you posted and may end up throwing more business your way as neighbors and friends find the lifts to be so impressive.

~ Jay Perriguey

Brad and Debra,

Can’t thank you enough for your lift, Bullet-proof and your service!
With this financial debacle, at least I can go out to my garage, throw one of the Vette’s on the lift and get lost.

Take Care,
~ Richard Galvani


The parts arrived today,  I installed the valve and it works great.  I can slow the lifts fall down to a reasonable rate, which is much safer.  I’m all set now and I thank you very much.  It would be my pleasure to assist you and Brad in any way I can.  Please feel free to have prospective customers call me.  I’ll do my best to help you secure the sale.  You guys have been the best and I’m sure you’ll have many sales come your way.

~ Robbie Trapp


Thanks for making an exception for me.  I am having my garage doors changed out today to accompany the new lift. Thanks again. By the way, the other day when I called you to get the comparison for your product versus the Backyard Buddy, I had actually called them first.  Whoever I was supposed to talk to wasn’t back from lunch so I left a message for them to call me.  It has been two days and still no one has called and since you answered my questions sincerely and honestly, you got my business.

Brad, I want to say that your follow up is very good and that is another reason that you and I are doing business.  You make the customer feel like their business is wanted and appreciated.  You also make the customer comfortable in the buying process because you are not trying to force them or push them into something they don’t need.  You are a good listener and I am sure that is why you are so successful. Keep up the same game plan, it is working well. I will send you pics once the lift is installed.

~ Tom Dickard

Thanks for being so expedient. You guys are a pleasure to work with.

~ Jon Kaplan

I called and talked to Brad about a car lift that my husband has, and he could not get hold of anyone about the problem he was having with his lift. Brad gave me the name of someone that would help us. I just wanted you to know that he was so very helpful and nice to me even though it was not a lift that we’d purchased from your company. You have a very nice employee.  Thank you for all the help that was given to us. Thank you again.

~ Mellie Jeppesen

Hi Brad. I’m sorry that I did not get back to you sooner, i have been out of town on business. I just got back Saturday and put my car up for the winter, The lift works perfectly. I can’t thank you enough for standing behind your product. It is so refreshing to deal with a man whose word is his bond. Again, thanks.

~ Corey Leibel

Brad, Once again thank you for the great service.  As in the past, it has been a pleasure dealing with you.

~ Alan Marsh

Nice to hear from you. I appreciate your staying in touch the way you do. The lift is great, as it has been and it continues to get the “oohs and aahs” every time it’s seen.

All the best,
~ Jerry

All is well. Porsche is safely stored on the lift, appears to be working rather well. Thank you for your help, service and continued diligence in your follow up.

~ Ken

American Custom Lifts, Thanks for the prompt service and updates. This level of service is seldom seen.

~ Phil

Hi Debra,

We did receive the lift and have already installed it; looks as if everything is fine. We are charging forward on the entire project and look to be done in early February. Thanks for taking good care of us; it was a pleasure doing business with you and your company.

~ Mike Cagley

“I am thoroughly impressed with the build quality of my new Park King Lift. With so many lifts on the market, it was an extensive search to determine which lift to go with, however after installing the lift, and seeing how effortless and safe the lift/lower is, I am very glad I made the right choice to go with an American Lift. With my background in industrial, the lift appears to be more of a commercial grade as opposed to a residential grade and when you have a couple hundred thousand sitting stacked, you don’t want to be questioning the grade of the steel or the fit and finish of the lift. I am so impressed, that I am seriously considering adding another one to our storage needs. Thank you!

~ Rick

Howdy Brad,

Well, it’s all put together!  Once the guys at Dodson’s (installers) figured out that doing it today was the same day as the Ohio/Michigan game, they suddenly found time to install the lift yesterday. Since we’re
right on the OH/MI border, that game is a huge deal around here.

In any case, it’s together, looks and works great, and I thank
you for a quality product.  We did hit a couple little bumps along
the way though.  It appears the top of each column and the cable
retainers have been redesigned from what the instructions illustrate. The
new design definitely looks much cleaner without the long cross-bolt and extra hole in the side.  Unfortunately, the hardware baggy was for the old style, with the 4 long bolts & matching hardware.  Once we figured that out, we ran out and bought the hardware we needed and continued on.  We did notice the text in the instructions calls for the correct hardware; it was just that the hardware supplied matched the pictures instead.

My mother in law’s Camry happened to be sitting close by so after we got the lift all assembled and shuffled into place, I stuck it on the lift and we gave it a workout. Everything works great!!

Thanks again and I really love it!!!  I’ve already been approached by people saying they’d like one or are thinking of one, and I’m telling them you’re the only guy to buy from.

~ Dean Sparks

Hi Brad,

Thanks for the info. I have to tell you, both you and Debra have gone the extra mileage in working with me and I sure appreciate it. I have two companies, plumbing and bail bonds and I know how it can be when there are problems. You both jumped right in as opposedto passing the buck, and got involved. Believe it or not, this has been a good experience working with both of you to solve the problem. You told me at the start, customer service is a priority and true to your word, it sure is. Thanks Again!

~ Rick Galvani

Sorry for the delayed response. New pump is installed and old pump returned. Lift is now back in shape. Thanks again for the great customer service.

~ Gary
Church Aviation Management Associates, Inc

Hello Everyone,

I had a lift installed in my garage via American Custom Lifts (a forum vendor) at the recommendation of a few people here. Brad did a great job following through with the entire process and arranged for a nice installation. It’s a single post lift and works really well. I highly recommend these guys if you are considering a lift installation. Even put my 6k lbs Nissan Armada up top with no problems (lift is rated for 7k lbs)

~ User at Corvette Post Forum

Next, I’m building a platform to get the 4 wheelers, and mowers up in the air (using the lift), and going to put down Race-deck flooring for a nice useable garage space.

Thanks again for your friendly, helpful customer service! The world would be a much happier place if every vendor and service provider was as reasonable and easy to work with as you guys!

~ Michael Hodos

The lift is installed and is perfect (paint was right color with great finish).  If any potential customer asks about quality & fit you can assure them the product is first rate.  All parts shipped, all parts went together and it is heavy duty everything.  I have a 1900lb Porsche on the lift and that is barely anything for this monster…but it is excellent and the same for your follow thru. It has been a pleasure.

~ Tom

Thanks for the message. The lift continues to satisfy!  It’s working perfectly and has since the day it was installed.  It continues to be the marvel of every guest we have over to our home, especially the guys!! Thanks again.  I’m one satisfied customer!

~ Jerry Drisaldi

“I appreciate your help with this and the continued support you have given me. The lift continues to work great and is one of my favorite tools. I was installing a new transmission in my 96 Impala SS (700 HP car that I race, so it requires some work now and again) when you called.”

~ Chris Mallory

“As always, thanks for your nice and timely note. As commented on by other customers on your web site, all of you at Custom Lifts have always been helpful, courteous and downright friendly. I appreciate that.”

~ Roger Brown

“I would never have ordered the GoJack if I was not 95% certain that it would do the job I needed. The test worked perfectly. I pull the motorcycle into the shed, jack it up, and scoot it over. This is now a one man process. Once on the jack I have to be careful that it does not get away from me because the amount of effort to move it is pretty small.
By using 2x4s to set max limits on travel control becomes easy.”

~ Dennis Sellers

“Hello, I bought a 4 post American Custom Lift from you about a year ago now and I want you to know that I am very happy with it. I have friends that come over and can’t believe I have a car lift in my garage and when I tell them how much I paid for it they are always amazed by how affordable they really are. No one has gone out and gotten one that I Know of yet from my recommendation mainly because most of them only have an 8 foot ceiling in their garages.”

~ Doug Noreen

“I just wanted to shoot you a quick email to let you know how AWESOME Ryan is. i like him even better than Jerry! he was professional and timely. i will certainly use him for years to come… On another note, i am glad that i called you to have this yearly check up. the lift was loose in A LOT of areas. in particular, the concrete bolts were so loose that it took Ryan several turns of the torque wrench for it to be within 150 ft/lbs. he was visible concerned and very happy that i called him out. Make it a great weekend!”

~ Fevin Reyes

“My lift works perfect! It was definitely worth waiting for, as I knew it would be. Thanks so much for staying with me all the way on this project-that made all the difference.”

~ Gary Amatangelo

“Just want to express kudos to American Custom Lifts, and especially Brad Davies for the excellent service they provided in getting my lift from California to Massachusetts, and installed. There were a few snags here and there but Brad bird-dogged each and every one of them to my
satisfaction and got the job done. He is a man of his word and I recommend him and the company to all.”

~ Jerry Phelps

“With 27 years of various professional motor sports experience, cars and their care are very important to me. American Custom Lifts solved many problems with the proper storage of 5 automobiles. By installing their
lift system (Phantom Park), I now have two cars in my garage and three in my basement! The entire system works beautifully and was far cheaper than building a five-car garage. The lift is also great for moving stored items between the ground floor and the basement. American Custom Lifts were extremely honest and efficient in every aspect of this project.”

~ John Bisignano
Motor Sports Commentator

“Brad, a final report: Paul Cole & his impressive crew worked their fannies off, overcame problems (flat tire during delivery), & very professionally finished installation of my lift last night at 9:30 PM (they didn’t get home ’til after midnight). I’m very grateful to them for that effort & also to you for keeping your promise. I expect to enjoy the lift very much-eventually. Thank you.”

~ JP

“just a quick report…the yoke went in easily and the lift is fully operational and the talk of the neighborhood. it’s such a cool piece of equipment. the cars are home after an 11 month hiatus and stacked beautifully. Kevin and i had more than a moment getting my alfa under his BMW as it did boil down to mere inches for clearance
with the garage door mechanism. there was lots of “STOP, STOP, STOP” and loading and unloading before we got it right but it works like a champ – on a side note – the last piece of the puzzle, our fence, goes back in Friday and until we get it up and painted i find it almost impossible to resist hanging my wet swim suit and towel on the lift…it’s so handy and just right there when i get out of my car from the gym…but fear not, wouldn’t do that to my husband or the dignity of the equipment…funny tho. well, thank you for all the support you have lent kevin during this time. we really appreciate everything you have done to help us.”

~ Loretta

“Got the lift installed Saturday, boy those guys are quick. The lift looks great and works great. I have already started using it. What kind of pictures do you want and when do you need them? I have a couple tanking right but need to ge the film developed. I have one with the Camaro on the lift the tractor underneath, the Model T sitting in front and the FFR Cobra body off to the right.

Thanks again I will be given out your name to my friends that are looking
for lifts.”

~ Kurt Decker

“I am very pleased with the lift. The installation was good and I would recommend them. I would say you have a satisfied customer.”

~ Lee Hagwood

“I am fine and I love the lift. It has met all my expectations and the quality of the lift is excellent. Thank you for your concern”
~ Lee Morse

“Please feel free to keep in touch, either via phone or email. I’ve looked at a bunch of the competition, and you guys seem to have the best products (and the nicest sales people). When I get to the point of buying a lift, you can rest assured you’ll get the call.”

~ Bruce Haley (and he hasn’t bought anything yet!!!!!!!)

“I wanted to write you and thank you for your help in getting the correct lift and finding someone to help me install it. Your referral for an installer was great! Paul Eschinger is very experienced, and a pleasure to work with. He really knows his business when it comes to installing lifts. Paul picked up the lift at the shipping warehouse and brought it over to my house. We unloaded it from his truck with the aid of my engine hoist. The only problems we ran into were a couple of missing washers and no leveling spacers included in the install kit. Luckily Paul came equipped with his own supply. It turns out he had run into this before and was ready. It took about six hours, but everything was installed properly and I am very satisfied with my selection. The lift works perfectly for my needs. Thank you again for your assistance. If you, your company, or Paul, ever want a referral please feel free to give out my name, number and / or email address.”

~ Ralph

Hey Brad,

Thanks for your follow up. Both lifts appear to be functioning fine. They also have solved the fluid leak. I want to thank you for seeing this thru. I wonder how many other people would have stood behind there product like you have! Hope to meet you someday. If you ever journey here please look me up. Thanks again, Dick J.

~ Richard Johannes

Glad to hear from you. Yeah, I’m fine, and yeah – I couldn’t be happier with the lift. I’m so glad I purchased through your company. I tell everyone about your customer service and support. I’m trying to talk my friend Danny into purchasing one. Hey, tell Greg I said hi. I’ll tell Luce you said hi. Remember – need a recommendation – IT’S ME !!

~ Wayne Willington

I installed the locking rod today and it works great. While I was working on it a neighbor stopped by to check my lift out and he took down all the information and may give you guys a call. I will probably need to be put on the payroll as I am selling these lifts to everyone I know around here. Anyway, thanks for the great service and talk to you later.”

~ Bob Hardin

“Thank you, I am impressed with my dealings with you.”
~ Bob Hardt

“My lift is fantastic! Thanks, and I’ll be sure to spread the good word about your company on my websites….”
~ Rob Gorden

“Thanks for all of your effort. Please know that I understand the complexities of fabrication, and shipping such a large piece of equipment. I would give ACL an A grade for everything. This interesting deal with the stops is insignificant compared to the big picture.

The only constructive remark I’d offer is one of the little steel tubes on the column to guide the flexible hydraulic hose got crushed in shipping. It took almost two hours to make that guide useable for the hose to go through. O’wise the shipping arrangement was terrific. Keep up the good work.”

~ Bruce Addis

” Your customer service and demand for satisfaction is far above and beyond what most people including me have come to expect in this day and age. I’m sure if the current Genesis company reputation grows it will be the reason that they fade away. On the other hand, I’m sure your company will be thriving far into the future. Keep pushing forward! If anyone deserves an A+ for service and reliability it is definitely you guys. With all that went on, you guys were always there to help with professionalism at its finest. Thanks for fighting with them for me. I’m glad you guys found a more reliable supplier. You should stick this on your wall just in case a Genesis employee comes looking for a job in the future. If you guys weren’t before then you are International Distributors now huh.”

“I was able to get my new four post lift from American Custom Lifts for thousands of dollars less than from any other lift company. I am extremely satisfied with the quality of my lift and the customer service I received. I purchased the 15,000 lb. lift, which has excellent capabilities of lifting company fleet vehicles that are fully loaded. It was so easy to install; I did it myself. I highly recommend American Custom Lifts.”

~ Mike R.

Honeycreek Repair

“I would recommend American Custom Lifts to anyone. Great product, service and customer follow-up. My lift looks better than I imagined in the garage! Easy to use and very attractive clean design. The installer you recommended was great. He said your design was one of the best to install.”

~ Tom V.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“I appreciate the e-mail and all the time you have put into my questions. I am really impressed with your operation. I will pass a good word along to everyone that is in the market. Thanks again for everything.”

~ Dan M.

“I want to let you know about the thrill I get every time that I use my lift. I used to work in the automotive service industry and took all of the equipment for granted. Each time I go into my garage – there it is – just waiting for my next project. I use it for everything from lifting quad runners and riding mowers to lifting the body from my 1970 Corvette for a frame restoration. The delivery was timely and the installation, following the instructions, was a breeze. I was surprised when you called to see how the lift was working and got a three-way call going with the factory to answer a minor question I had. Thanks again for all of your
help both before and after the sale.”

~ David A.

“Thanks again for your help in making our lift “forklift-suitable.” I appreciate the great customer service you provided!”

~ Alison D.

Bublitz Machinery

“Most people sell you a product and then you never hear from them again and if you do call them to ask a question or complain about something they don’t want to hear from you. It’s nice to know that there are still people who know what customer service is all about! Thank you and keep up the good work, and we will remember to pass along information about where we received our high quality lifts to people who ask us.”

~ Mark D.

“I bought a 4 post American Custom Lift from you about a year ago now and I want you to know that I am very happy with it. I have friends that come over and can’t believe I have a car lift in my garage and when I tell them how much I paid for it they are always amazed by how affordable
they really are. The lift is like having a second garage. Thanks again for building a great quality and affordable lift for me, and also thank you for the Christmas card!”

~ Doug N.
Red Wing, MN

“I’ve been enjoying my lift. Removed my stock Porsche seats and replaced with Recaro – didn’t have to crawl around on my knees. Polished the side of the car and wheels standing up – neat! Thanks again.”

~ Walt S.
Hollister, CA

“Please express to your management my total satisfaction with the service and follow up you have provided me. If there is any need you might have in the future for a reference, please don’t hesitate in calling me.”

~ Steve H.
Castro Valley, CA

“Your service is so impressive (and so is my lift) that I have recommended you to a friend. You should be getting a call from [name deleted for privacy], so I hope you can close a sale with him.”

~ Andy P.
Chester, NJ[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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