Ceiling Height Required

The ceiling height you need may vary slightly depending on the lift model you select,
but here’s the general rule of thumb:

  1. Measure the total height of the two vehicles that you want to store one above the other
  2. Add 8″ to the total height (this allows for the 4″ thickness of the platform plus 2″
    for raising the platform off of its locks and another 2″ for clearance)
  3. If the total is less than the height of your ceiling, you’re in business!

Usually anything less that a nine-foot ceiling is too low, although this may not be the case if
one (or both) of your cars is a low-profile model. Of course, you also need to take a careful look at
the way your garage door opens
to be sure the door or its opening mechanism doesn’t get in the way.

Three Great Alternatives for Too-Low Ceilings

You can get around the problem of a too-low ceiling by choosing one of the following options:

  1. Consider backing in your top vehicle: If your roll-top garage door is too low, you may be able
    to simply back in the top vehicle you’re storing. This will situate your engine hood – which is lower
    than the roof – beneath the garage door, thus saving you from having to raise your garage door.
  2. Have your garage door tracks raised by a professional garage door installer. Depending on what
    needs to be done, the average cost for this service usually runs around $400-$1200.
  3. Purchase one of our subterranean parking lift models, although you need to bear in mind that
    these are obviously more expensive due to the excavation required.
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