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Making your dream auto-dealership a showcase!

American Custom Lifts is celebrating 23 years of excellence in providing showroom lifts for Mercedes Benz, Toyota, BMW, Porsche, Honda, Ford, Nissan, Ferrari and Mazda. We’re proud to offer Custom Designed Showroom & Dealer Lifts for transporting vehicles from different floor levels in parking garages, car dealerships, high-rise commercial and residential buildings.

American Custom Lifts provides the most advanced and quality lifts. We strive to provide long-lasting relationships with our customers while building well-structured and aesthetically-pleasing products. Our full spectrum of products includes car elevators, display lifts, auto service lifts, parking lifts, freight lifts, and custom lifts for all sorts of applications. Auto display lifts such as our PhantomPark, Class B, F-16 4-post, FLT cantilever, FL4M, and our M1-6.5 single post showroom car lifts.

Browse our website for amazing selections of different types of lifts and tell us about your vision. We’ll work with you to ensure that your new dealership displays and promotes your showcase automobiles.

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