M-1 Single Post Car Lift

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In 1999, American Custom Lifts designed the first and only American-made single-post car lift designed for storing two vehicles in the parking space of one. Introducing the Texas-built MaximumOne Single Post Car Lift. To date, we have over 10,000 installations throughout the country and internationally. No other company can say the same.


M1 4.5 – 4500 lb/2140 kg
M1 6.5 – 6500 lb/2940 kg


Anchored Steel Base
Made in the USA


M1 4.5 Single Post Car Lift
M1 6.5 Single Post Car Lift


1-Year Parts and Accessories
10-Years Steel Structure

American-Made Single Post Lift

In 1999 American Custom Lifts designed the first and only American-made single-post car lift designed for storing two vehicles in the parking space of one. Introducing the MaximumOne Single Post Car Lift. We have distributors throughout the United States who offer our American-made single-post lift. To date, we have over 7,500 installations throughout the country and Internationally. No other company can say the same.

In the past few years, companies have attempted to duplicate our design but to no avail. However, there are now other companies that offer a single post-car lift design, but they’re all manufactured overseas. These imported single-post car lifts do not have the strength or integrity of our single-post parking car lift models M1-4.5 and M1-6.5 or are built to our standards.

  • Superior Display Capabilities: Out-of-the-way single post, perfect for display and storage.
  • Multiple Locking Positions: 19 locking positions at several heights enable you to choose the display height you want.
  • Positive Locking Mechanism: Precision-engineered mechanism automatically engages locks for maximum safety when the lift is raised.
  • Sturdy Lifting Capacity: Easily lifts most cars, vans, and SUVs.
  • Adjustable Track Width: You can increase or decrease the width between tracks to fit virtually any size vehicle you want.
  • Easy Installation: Mounts on standard concrete flooring using provided anchor bolts. Although you can install it yourself, we recommend using our nationwide professional installation service.

The M1-4.5 single post car lift offers a 4,500 lb. lifting capacity, weighs approximately 3,700 lbs., and is designed for low ceiling applications with an overall column height of 9′ 6″ providing about 70″ of headroom clearance. Our M1-6.5 single post car lift has a 6,500 lb. lifting capacity and is designed for storing vehicles above SUVs, trucks, or other tall vehicles that may have storage or ski racks. This monster weighs approximately 4,000 lbs (Compared to the imported single post lift that weighs 2,600 lbs). The 6.5 provides about 82″ of headroom clearance when fully raised and resting on its top locking position. The overall height of the column is 11′ 9″ and requires a 12′ + ceiling height. However, if you don’t have a 12′ ceiling, it doesn’t mean that you can’t own the 6.5 single post storage lift. We can always custom-build this model to meet your requirements.


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Lifting Capacity


18 reviews for M-1 Single Post Car Lift

  1. Marc G

    Too often we are quick to complain, but rarely have time to compliment.

    I wanted to thank both of you for making the process of purchasing and installing my lift a great experience. From answering all my emails-text quickly, and to keep me in the loop with all the progress. You guys are truly professionals.

    Best Regards!

  2. Brian M

    The single Post left is beyond my expectations. The construction is amazing. The operation is perfect. I just can’t say enough great things about the quality. Here’s a few pictures. Thanks again. I’m super happy with your product.

  3. Gavin H.

    It’s amazing! It looks so good I just wish I had our car in so it can go up on the lift! So far I’ve just been riding it up and down. Thanks so much for everything! Been showing it off to all our friends (one is going to buy one once they finish their house).

  4. Jon M

    Hi Lisa,
    I hope this note finds you well! I’ve been meaning to send this for awhile. The lift is in, fully utilized, and I love it!

  5. Tony

    Blaine, The lift is beautiful. Bob did a great job installing it. We will send you photos so you can show customers how the 6.5 post fits in smaller garages. I now have an interesting “hybrid” garage with high garage door tracks on the lift side, and conventional tracks on the other side. I believe our garage demonstrates the highlights of your company over your competition: compact footprint, buried foot plate, and custom sizes/mechanics. This is much better than a 4- or 2- post in my application since space is a premium (the garage doubles as a workshop). I will be happy to send you a customer review with pictures if you are interested.

  6. Lance

    Hi Nic and Brad, Thank you both for all the attention that was given to my custom single post lift and installation. It is everything that I expected and more. The lift is extremely well constructed and the installation was smooth and without a single hiccup. My $12,000.00 epoxy floor did not get a single scratch on it ! The remote electric controls are perfect and having the extra safety stops puts me at ease with the lift. Thanks again for everything. Take care and we will talk again soon!

  7. N.V.

    Hi Nic and Brad, First off I want to say a big “thanks” to both Brad and Guido for making this happen. You provide great guidance, consultation, and customer service 2nd to none! I really enjoyed working with both of you and happy that Brad introduced me to Guido and his crew. Both of Guido’s guys are phenomenal and really know their stuff. I don’t believe i can trust anyone else to install such a lift and raise my $1/4 mil dream toy ;-). I had a lot of fun talking with them through out the install and even giving a hand here and there. This is one bad ass lift! It’s so well built that i’m not sure why anyone would buy anything else. Please feel free to use all of my pix in the album link for your reference. just remove/blind my license plates please. see my business suggestion for both of you below.

  8. Dominic

    Hi Duke, Just wanted you to know that the lift was installed last Thursday and everything has worked out as planned. I choose to use the 77 inch stop, instead of the 74 inch stop which would also have accommodated my SUV but with only a hair of clearance when the rear wheels are traveling over the base. Your product has proved to be the perfect solution for my car storage needs. I am very pleased and one happy customer. Thanks for all your help.

  9. Tom

    Hi Brad, Gary from Garik Automotive in NJ and his crew were great BTW. He is a true professional and knows his business. Would highly recommend him and your company for the attention you’ve given me thus far. The lift is actually a substantial piece of equipment, commercial grade. I’m very impressed with the quality of its construction. Much better than the 4 post lift I had previously. Watching the installation process gave me the confidence I needed to have in the lift. Thanks for following up with me and I’ll keep you posted on any issues. Two of my other cars are pretty low as well so the longer ramps might be necessary. I’ll let you know.

  10. Mark Bruno

    Here is the lift with two cars in the garage, please feel free to have any clients reach out to me for a reference, Jorge did an awesome job with the install as well, could not be happier. Thank You

  11. Bob W

    Brad, Both of my lifts are going strong and I have had no issues or problems – really happy with them! People are continually amazed at the single post lift and I always give them your name!

  12. David B

    I feel the need to say this: The folks at American Custom Lifts are good people. I have two of their M1 single custom lifts. I am very happy with their product and they take good care of their customers.

  13. Jared

    Kristi, Lee was awesome – The lift is fantastic – and my measurements were pretty darn good! I would highly recommend your company to anyone who is interested in buying a lift. Great product, great customer service – rare these days. Great working with you.

  14. Jim G

    Kristi, Thanks so very much. Also, I’m very happy to report that now that my three ramps have cycled up and down a few times they are smooth as silk. Kristi I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am with you and your product. I sincerely appreciate your numerous follow ups!! Thanks again…you have a customer for life.

  15. Arnie

    Kristi – Thanks for following up. The install went very well! I can’t speak highly enough about Armando and his team at Amerimex. Not only were they very professional, they were very methodical and efficient with the install. They even made a point to finish just prior to some wet weather coming into my area to avoid me having to keep my classic cars outside in the bad elements. As others have noted in their reviews, I’m am pleased with the build quality and the “beefiness” of the components. It certainly wasn’t the lowest cost option. However, I already feel it was worth the extra cost.

  16. Eric

    Installation went awesome, and the lift was beyond my expectations. Will was a true craftsman in his installation, and a great spokesman for your product. He makes an excellent customer liaison and ACL is well served by his efforts. Attached are a few pics, and feel free to use them. Also please write me a deal for another 4.5 that is identical.

  17. Greg B

    Hi Jason, The lift is in and I am a satisfied customer. Installers Amando and his father were careful, thoughtful, patient and fine fellows all the way around. In addition, they took away every bit of debris when they finished. I give them a solid A grade. The lift is in exactly the spot I want it and is operating beautifully. Only thing I need now are big, bright Made in the USA stickers to put on the column and on the rails. Thank you Jason for building a fine product.

  18. Todd F

    Lift is perfect…fit like a glove…approx 2” of ceiling clearance above the column. The shorter ramps are fantastic. Was able to install the column & subsequently the entire lift 4” closer to my garage door. Extremely happy with it & Jorge the installer did a great job.

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