Park-King 4 Post Car Lift

General Information

Why are American Custom Lifts’ Four-Post Parking Lifts better than all other products on the market?

10 reasons Why→
  1. Other lift companies use brass or plastic sheaves, which tend to wear out over time and are not designed for continuous cycles per day. Our 7K four post designs use a commercial grade bearing in pulleys that are designed for many cycles per day as used in heavy duty truck lifts.
  2. Our lifts use a 1.5″ x 1.5″ x 2 7/8″ oil based urethane glide block. This provides a smooth up and down platform operation. Many of the other lifts require you to grease the inside or outside of the columns over a period of time. Other lifts platforms will tend to jump or skip as they’re being raised or lowered. This is due to using inexpensive plastic glide blocks.
  3. Our lifts use an aircraft quality cable, four attached to each column, tested at 14,500 lbs each.
  4. Other lift companies base-plates are only 3/8″ gauge steel maximum which sometimes warp when being welded to the columns, thus causing the lift to sway when free standing. Our four post design base-plates are made with 1/2″ gauge American steel. Our lift will rest flush on the foundation and will not require anchoring.
  5. Other lift companies tracks (runways) have square cut edges which can be dangerous if brushed against. American Custom Lift tracks (runways) are made with a non-sag diamond plate steel that have been rounded on the corners. It is also aesthetically more pleasing.
  6. Our lifts provide an extra safety measure that provides peace of mind. Most other lift companies offer no safety in the case of a glide block bolt coming loose. All of our 7K and 9K four post lift provide extra safety precautions by welding a safety dowel to the under carriage where the glide blocks are bolted at the end of each cross-rail If a glide block bolt were to come loose, there would be no risk of the glide block slipping.
  7. Many of the four post parking lifts on the market today use a 3″ diameter cylinder. When overworked, they will tend to leak. Our parking lift models us a 3 1/2″ diameter cylinder.
  8. Warranty: We offer a lifetime warranty on our structure, five yrs. mechanical and 1 yr. parts & electrical. Ask the other lift companies what their warranty covers. You won’t be impressed.
  9. Our lifts are all powder-coated. Available lift colors are black, blue and red. Custom colors are also available for an additional cost.
  10. Our lifts are AMERICAN MADE. 90% of the lift companies today are selling imported lifts from China, Korea and Turkey. These lifts look like toys when standing side by side to one of our heavy duty American made lifts. Surprisingly, many of the lift manufacturers are now importing their steel, cylinders and power units and then assembling the lifts at their facility and claiming “American made”.
    Don’t be fooled when they claim American made. We’ll put it in writing!

Power Unit

110v 1hp 30amp Standard
220v 2hp 30 amp High-Speed


3.5″ Cylinder/.5″ Steel Plate
Made in USA


Special narrow and
SUV models available


1-Year Parts and Accessories
10-Years Steel Structure

Product Information

  • 7,000 LB. LIFTING CAPACITY: Effortlessly lifts most cars, vans and SUV’s.
  • STATE-OF-THE-ART ROUNDED POSTS: Advanced geometric design with multi-facet structure provides significant additional strength without sacrificing space.
  • POSITIVE LOCKING MECHANISM: Precision-engineered locking mechanism automatically engages easy-to-see enclosed locks for maximum safety when lift is raised.
  • SINGLE-POINT LOCK RELEASE: Releases all four locks simultaneously. Optional air lock release available.
  • BEARING IN PULLEY: Most other lift companies offer brass or plastic sheaves, which are not designed for continuous lifting cycles and will eventually wear out. The ParkKing uses ball bearing pulleys that are designed for commercial applications where one may operate 30 plus cycles per day.
  • NON-SAG ROUNDED EDGED TRACKS (STANDARD) OR SOLID PLATFORM(OPTIONAL): Rugged diamond plate steel or polished aluminum centers enables you to store jet-skis, bikes, tools and more. Aluminum centers are easily removable.
  • RUSTPROOF DRIP PANS: Three free with your Park-King. Pans fit snugly between tracks to catch oil/fluid drips from vehicle above. Ultra-lightweight for easy removal.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINUM RAMPS: One pair free with your Park-King. Low (4” high x 36” long) profile accommodates most conventional vehicles! Each ramp weighs only 16 lbs. for easy removal (steel ramps weigh 45 lbs.).
  • EXTRA WHEEL STOPS INCLUDED: Simply replace the removable ramps with these for safe long-term storage
  • PLENTY OF LIFTING HEIGHT: Accommodates virtually all sport utility vehicles and mini vans. Ample headroom for doing underbody work. Std model: 67” clearance on top lock. SUV model: 77” clearance on top lock.
  • TEN DIFFERENT LOCKING POSITIONS: Locks are positioned 4 3/8” apart, allowing you to choose the lifting height that best fits your needs.HEAVY DUTY POWER UNIT: All American made 110V or 220v power unit at no additional cost.
  • 3½” DIAMETER CYLINDER: Smaller cylinders may be overworked and prone to leakage.
  • ½ GAUGE BASEPLATE: Most other lift companies use a 3/8” gauge base plate. These tend to warp when welded to the columns when cooling, thus causing lift to rest uneven on foundation. With the ParkKing ½gauge base-plate, the lift will always rest flush which prevents the lift from swaying.
  • POWDER-COAT FINISH FOR INDOOR/OUTDOOR USE: Your choice of red, blue or black. Custom colors available for an extra charge.
  • AIRCRAFT QUALITY CABLES: Lift operates on four independent cables rated at 14,500 lbs. each (58,000lb. combined cable-load capacity).
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Do it yourself or use our nationwide professional installation service.
  • JACK TRAY:  For use with bottleneck jacks for doing wheel/brake work
  • CASTERS WITH NEOPRENE-COATED WHEELS: To make the lift portable so you can move it around – set of four
  • SET OF TWO REMOVABLE SOLID CENTERS: Enables you to store bikes, lawnmowers, boxes, etc. – steel / lightweight aluminum
  • EXTRA DRIP PANS: (you get three free with your Park-King)
  • EXTRA ALUMINUM RAMPS: (you get one pair free with your Park-King)

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