Apex 8000 4 Post Parking Lift

General Information

The Apex 8000 models are the most innovative and safest four post parking lift on the market today and assembled right here in the U.S. Designed by American Custom Lifts, the Apex 8000 was launched to the public on Jan 1, 2016. Approved to meet U.S. standards, the Apex 8000 is also CE approved to meet European standards.

In comparison to all the other four post parking lift brands offered in the U.S., or Internationally, the Apex 8000 wins hands down without question. If comparing apples to apples in safety, control operation and aesthetics, the Apex is the leader. It is also true that no other four post parking lifts offers all the safety features that come standard with each Apex 8000 parking lift purchased.

Power Unit

115 v or 230 v
8,000lb. capacity


Fabricated using heavy 
commercial grade steel


Unique mechanical
locking detection system


1-Year Parts and Accessories
10-Years Steel Structure

Product Information

The following are 10 advantages that makes the Apex model the most desirable four post parking lift in the world.
  1. The Apex model weighs over 2,100 lbs compared to most other brands weighing an average of 1,500 lbs. It is fabricated using a heavy commercial grade steel. The Apex 8000 offers a more durable and and stronger structure and comes
    equipped with features no other brand offers and is powder coated.
  2. Unique mechanical locking detection system.
  3. Lateral protection wheel guard rails to prevent cars from slipping off when tires are wet.
  4. Electric key switch for up/down operation, allowing only the operator to have control of the lift.
  5. Electric locks. No more worries about having to pull down a single point lock release lever while simultaneously having to hold in the lowering valve handle to lower your platform or having to have an air compressor for the locking mechanism.
  6. Adjustable limit switch, ideal safety device to prevent from raising vehicle too high in low ceiling applications.
  7. Quick on/off Disconnect.
  8. Storage centers that allow you to store more than just a vehicle.
  9. Secondary locking system to insure safety.
  10. Emergency stop button.

What you need to know:
To insure you have enough ceiling height to store two vehicles in the parking space of one, the rule of thumb is to measure the total height of the two vehicles that you’re wanting to store and then add 10″. This will give you the minimum ceiling height required. Also, please confirm that your garage door isn’t going to interfere with the lift operation. You may be required to have your tracks raised as well as having to install a side-mount garage door motor. But this is generally only required in a single bay application where the garage door motor is installed low above the vehicle. If you need help in confirming if a parking lift will work for your application, please don’t hesitate to contact our office.

  • The “On Sale” price including all the noted options above is $4195, and $4395 for the SUV model. Freight is $500-$950 excluding Alaska and Hawaii. Installation is approximately $650 to $850 depending on location.
  • Available power source is 115 v or 230 v. 30 amp circuit is recommended.
  • The Apex models does not have to be anchored and is designed to be free standing. Also designed to be portable with the optional casters kit for an additional $150.
  • Optional custom powdercoat colors or two tone. Price and lead time vary depending on color chosen.


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Apex 8000 4 Post Parking Lift Brochure

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