AC 3400 B Commercial Parking System

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AC 3400 B Commercial Parking System

General Information

The only AMERICAN MADE seismically approved 3400 B Series triple-high parking lift on the market today. Multiple units can be linked together for commercial applications. M.E.A. approved. Seismically approved.


Per platform


Massive wide-flange beam
Made in USA


Automatic spring-actuated
safety latch system


MEA and seismic
zone 4 approved

Product Information

Car stacking systems

American Custom Lifts specializes in providing the latest technology based on proven mechanical and structural engineering for car parking and multi‐level storage systems for mixed use and diverse applications.

Safety and durability is of the upmost importance with tough, rugged construction featuring automatically engaging spring‐actuated safety latch system, and ergonomic operator controls – simple to understand and easy to use.

We utilize a dependable hydro‐mechanical four point double reeving cable lifting system for ultimate efficiency and safe operation. Our parking lift systems feature full‐width diamond deck platforms to catch drips and keep the lower vehicles protected. This can be enhanced using our optional heavy‐duty, industrial grade absorbent mats.

Double, triple, quadruple platforms can be ganged together with shared columns ‐ excellent for commercial parking and private car collections as well as many other applications. When installed in rows of multiple units, the lifts share columns to minimize foot print and maximize space efficiency. We build the strongest lifting frame in America with structural steel tubing, channels, and our load bearing columns are constructed from massive W‐ BEAMs for the strength to stand the test of time.

W‐BEAM is short for Wide flange beam ‐ these columns withstand compressive stress in the structure and distributes that force to the base plate and thereby the concrete foundation. Our structure is engineered to resist hurricane force wind loads and extreme seismic loads from earthquakes. Engineered foundation and anchors may be required in some cases for these extreme conditions.

W‐BEAMS have been used in multi‐level building and sky scrapers for over 100 years ‐ The Home Insurance Building, completed in 1885 is referred to as the first to use steel frame construction. Soon thereafter the Royal Insurance Building in Liverpool erected 1896‐1903. Automotive Parking structures were developed in the early 20th century in response to the need for storage space in cities where space was limit or land was expensive. Today they are in demand not only for those reasons but also for protection and security. When you stack vehicles vertically it is easier and sometimes less cost to fence in and/or cover and/or enclose completely with various building structures. Now for Security: Cars elevated on the lift are actually much safer from damage like door dings and scratches plus very difficult to steal if our keyed control security system is in place.

In private homes garage parking the lifts are typically operated two to four per day resulting in 10 to 20 hours of wear on motor and hydraulic pump per year and 20 to 40 hours of wear on bearings, cable, chains, rollers and rub blocks. Maintenance and repairs are a very minor cost but for ultimate safety they should be inspected a regular bases. In a private car collection scenario the lifting cycles can be much lower but in a commercial parking facility the cycles can be extremely high increasing the need and frequency requirement for inspection and regular maintenance to reduce down time and improve safety. Cleaning is very important to keep the
parking lift system in good working order; especially with the problems posed by weather (salt on the road can spread to the platforms and cause severe damage if not removed with mild detergent and water.

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