P602-ACC6 2 Post Parking Lift

General Information

The PO602-ACC6 Parking Lift is Made in USA. American Custom Lifts specializes in providing the latest parking lift technology based on proven mechanical and structural engineering.

Power Unit

208-230V Single Phase
230-460V Three Phase


Seismic rating 6,000lbs.
Made in USA


Shared-post design


1-Year Parts and Accessories
10-Years Steel Structure

Product Information

 SAVE-SPACING SHARED POST DESIGN: Adjacent units share a common post to allow storage of more vehicles in a given area.
 CABLE EQUALIZATION MECHANISM: Ensures that lift platform remains level when being raised, even if vehicle load is not centered.
 LIFTS MOST CARS, VANS AND SUVS: Structurally rated to lift 6,000 lbs Seismically rated for 6,000 lbs.
 SINGLE-POINT CONTROL PANEL: Saves pre efficiency in busy valet operating time, allowing maximum attended lots.
 SUPERIOR LIFTING HEIGHT: 82” of clearance on top lock to accommodate virtually any car, van and SUV on the market.
 OPERATES ON SLOPED LOTS: Asphalt model is designed to operate on a side-to-side slope of up to 2” and an end-to-end slope of up to 4”.
 208/230v POWER UNITS: 208/230v high speed motor. 30 amp circuit recommend.

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