Model 18000 – Two Post Lift

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Two Post Truck Lift – 18,000lb Lifting Capacity

The Challenger 18000 Two Post Heavy Duty Lift is a great choice. Perfect for servicing heavier fleet lines. The 18,000 lb. Truck Lift is also available with 2′ column height extensions for higher profile commercial trucks and vans.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Two Post 18,000 lb Lift – Features & Benefits

  • Single point air actuated lock release allows technician to disengage both columns simultaneously.
  • Oversized steel pulley reduces stress on equalization system and provides increased durability.
  • 60″ lifting carriage lessens column stress by dispersing load.
  • Standard combination stack screw pads and storage brackets accommodates a wide range of vehicle pick up points.
  • Padded overhead shut off system prevents vehicle damage from being raised too high.
Lifting Capacity18,000 lbs. (8165kg)
A Rise Height *185-1/2″ (2172mm)
B Height Overall14′ 6″
16′ 6″
C Width Overall12′ 10-3/4″ (3931mm)
D Drive-thru Clearance106-3/4″ (2711mm)
E Floor to Overhead Switch13′ 11″
15′ 11″
F Arm Reach (Min)38-1/2″ (978mm)
G Arm Reach (Max)62″ (1575mm)
H Adj. Adapter Height *26-1/4″ / 8-1/2″
(159mm / 216mm)
I Adj. Adapter Height (with medium extensions) *210-1/4″ / 12-1/2″
(260mm / 318mm)
J Adj. Adapter Height (with high extensions) *214-1/4″ / 16-1/2″
(362mm / 419mm)
K Inside Columns120″ (3048mm)
Air Supply Required85 – 115 psi
Motor3 HP
Voltage (Single Phase Standard) *3208V-230V
Speed of Rise80 Seconds
Ceiling Height Required14′ 7″ ” (4445 mm)16′ 7″ ” (5055 mm)
Shipping Weight3527 lbs. (1600 kg)3610 lbs. (1637 kg)
  • *Lift capacity ratings are based on loads equally distributed on all four arms.
  • *1 Rise Height is measured with high extension.
  • *2 Medium and high auxiliary adapter extensions are standard.
  • *3 Optional 3 phase electrical also available. Specify at time of order.
  • Standard lift colors are Red and Blue. Optional colors available.
  • Frame engaging adapters (10314 or 10318) are REQUIRED when lifting vehicles with frame construction.

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