What To Look For In A High-Quality Car Lift

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Are you seeking the perfect car lift to elevate your garage or showroom experience? With so many options on the market, knowing what sets a high-quality car lift apart from the rest is crucial. In this guide, we’ll explore the key features to look for in a premium car lift and why American Custom Lifts stands out as a top choice for all your automotive storage needs.

Superior Pulleys and Bearings

While many lift companies use brass or plastic sheaves that wear out over time, Our 7K four-post designs feature commercial-grade bearings in pulleys designed for continuous daily cycles, just like those used in heavy-duty truck lifts. This ensures long-lasting performance and durability.

Smooth Glide Block Operation

A high-quality lift should have a smooth up-and-down platform operation. American Custom Lifts use a 1.5″ x 1.5″ x 2 7/8″ oil-based urethane glide block, eliminating the need for greasing inside or outside the columns. Unlike lifts that use inexpensive plastic glide blocks, this superior glide block system prevents the platform from jumping or skipping during the movement.

Aircraft Quality Cables

Safety is paramount when choosing a car lift; American Custom Lifts doesn’t compromise. Our lifts use aircraft quality cables, with four attached to each column, tested at 14,500 lbs each. This ensures maximum security and peace of mind.

Sturdy Base Plates

While other lift companies use 3/8″ gauge steel base plates that may warp when welded to the columns, our four-post designs feature 1/2″ gauge American steel base plates. This allows the lift to rest flush on the foundation without anchoring and prevents swaying when free-standing.

Rounded Edges on Runways

Safety and aesthetics go hand in hand with our lift tracks (runways) made with non-sag diamond plate steel and rounded corners. This prevents injuries from sharp edges and creates a more visually appealing look.

Extra Safety Measures

Our 7K and 9K four-post lifts include an additional safety measure if a glide block bolt comes loose. With a safety dowel welded to the undercarriage where the glide blocks are bolted, there’s no risk of the glide block slipping, ensuring your peace of mind.

Larger Diameter Cylinders

While many parking lifts on the market use 3″ diameter cylinders that may leak when overworked, American Custom Lifts’ models feature a 3 1/2″ diameter cylinder, improving reliability and performance.

Impressive Warranty

We offer a 10-year warranty on the structure, five years on mechanical and one year on parts and electrical. This outshines many competitors’ warranties, giving you confidence in your investment.

Powder-Coated Finish

Available in black, blue, and red, our powder-coated finish offers a sleek and durable appearance. Custom colors are also available for an additional cost to match your personal style.

American-Made Quality

Don’t be fooled by other lift companies claiming “American-made” while importing materials and components. American Custom Lifts proudly manufactures our lifts in the USA, using top-quality materials and craftsmanship. Compared to imported lifts from China, Korea, and Turkey, American Custom Lifts’ products are unrivaled in quality and durability.

In conclusion, a high-quality car lift should offer superior performance, safety, and aesthetics. American Custom Lifts delivers on all fronts, providing the ultimate solution. Get in touch with a lift expert today.

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