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These garage lifts make parking easy with one stall used for two cars.

Many homeowners are wondering when the time is right to get a new parking lift. That’s a very good question. Car enthusiasts and people with more than one car are realizing that there are great advantages to utilizing a parking lift and other kinds of installations that help to improve parking. American Custom Lifts is one of the innovators in the parking lift world that is helping its customers develop great solutions to the age-old question of “how am I going to get this car into the garage?”

So how is someone to know when they need to upgrade their garage system? That is the question so many people are asking. There are several main reasons that could influence someone to consider getting a parking lift to make more space in their garage!

Reasons to get a Custom Parking Lift

Getting a New Car

Some people find themselves wanting to purchase a new car, but hesitant because they don’t know how to go about parking the car at their home. For some homeowners, parking at the curb may be a plausible option. However, some neighborhood developments do not even allow parking at the curb, and in these and other cases the best option is going to be a parking lift.

Kids Turning 16

Although all kids start small, they will eventually grow to be older. Along with that comes them getting their driver’s licenses, learning to drive, and one day getting a car. One of the best ways to ensure that kids are getting their cars into the garage and out of the danger of the elements is to have a parking lift installed. This ensures that more cars are able to fit into the garage by utilizing all the storage space available.

Seeking More Garage Storage Space

Eventually there comes a time when more storage space is needed in a home. Whether for more tools to be stored, or to have more space for bicycles and other things in the garage, one major advantage of having a parking lift is that it is going to also create space to store these miscellaneous items that can go in a garage when there is space.

For Custom Parking Lifts, homeowners need not look farther than American Custom Lifts. They have over 20 years of experience in the industry, and are dedicated to solving problems that have to do with parking and storage of vehicles. American Custom Lifts is based in the San Diego area and has service centers nation wide and can be reached at 916-334-5438!

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