PhantomPark® Subterranean Parking Lifts – Developer Information

Thank you for your interest in the PhantomPark.

The PhantomPark is the only American made subterranean parking lift that meets all applicable ANSI safety specifications.  We offer a variety of PhantomPark subterranean models, each offering a different platform size, capacity and travel.  We also can build a custom PhantomPark to meet your specific needs.

For applications where the floor to floor travel is greater than the headroom clearance in the upper level or where the floor to floor travel is more than 144 inches, we offer a telescopic design PhantomPark.
Once an order has been placed (30% and replace deposit with “down payment”), please allow up to 2 weeks to receive your detailed approval drawings. These drawings are necessary for you, your Architect and or General Contractor to have prior to excavating.  Once the drawings have been signed and submitted to American Custom Lifts, please allow up to 90 days for the construction of your PhantomPark(s) unless otherwise specified for a later delivery date.

To receive a firm quote and conceptual drawings, please call us at 888-711-5438