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Our space saving parking solutions maximize existing space by allowing multiple vehicles to be parked or stored within the footprint of a single vehicle.

Residential Parking Solutions

Simple, effective and safe parking solutions that look great.

Commercial Parking Solutions

Smart commercial parking solutions to maximize space.

Custom Parking Lifts

Custom Parking Lifts. Made right here in the USA.

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Parking Solutions

There are many types of parking solutions available to the consumer for both commercial and residential applications.  Just to name a few types of parking systems offered by American Custom Lifts: Automated parking system, puzzle system, suspended platform system, subterranean parking system and mechanical parking systems, all provide an excellent space saving solution.

A car parking system is a mechanical or hydraulic lifting and/or slide system which multiplies the parking capacity within a allowed footprint of parking space inside a parking garage or an outside parking lot.  Automated parking systems, semi auto-mated parking systems and mechanical parking systems are powered by electric motors or hydraulic power units, thus allowing vehicles to be moved into a storage area.  Automated car parking systems are likely to be more cost effective than traditional parking garages since they require less building and ground space.

A fully automated parking system decreases the area of parking spaces because there’s no need to open car doors due to the driver and passengers have already exited the vehicle before it is parked.  It removes the stress and hassle of parking your own vehicle in tight spaces, not to mention having to remember where you parked your car.  The driver drives up to the entry point and the driver and passengers exit the vehicle. The car is then moved automatically to its dedicated parking spot.

A semi-automated parking system is also a mechanical design and serves the same purpose as the fully automated parking system.  The only differences is  it requires an a parking attendant to operate the system.

Stand alone parking lifts (Mechanical/electric/hydraulic) are an ideal solution for increasing your parking at very little cost.  Depending on the stand alone parking lift, they can store two, three, four or 5 cars in the parking space of one.  These types of lifts are very popular with car enthusiast in private homes as well as in commercial parking garages or parking lots.  To learn more about the stand alone parking lifts, click here.

PhantomPark® Subterranean Parking Lift

  • Unobtrusive and secure – the lift and lower vehicle are completely concealed
  • Aesthetically pleasing – canopy surface can be tiled to match surroundings
  • Multiple units can be installed side-by-side for use in condo’s, offices etc.
  • Ideal for low-ceiling applications – use as ‘vertical tandem parking’ to save space
  • Safe, easy to operate
  • Made in USA

The AC 3400 B Commercial Parking System

  • A simple and effective car stacking system
  • Maximize existing space
  • 3 or 4 levels high
  • Multiple units can be installed side by side
  • Safe, easy to operate
  • Made in the USA


  • Free Standing or Bolt down option
  • Formed runways with railed system
  • single hydraulic cylinder and commercial-grade cabling system
  • Formed columns with 12″ base and internal locks
  • Adjustable internal lock ladder for lift leveling
  • Backup “slack cable” provides additional security
  • Made in USA

M-1 Single Post Car Lift

  • Superior Display Capabilities: Out-of-the-way single post, open tracks for easy underbody viewing
  • Multiple Locking Positions
  • Positive Locking Mechanism
  • Single-Point Electric Lock Release
  • Sturdy 6,500 lb. Lifting Capacity
  • Adjustable Track Width
  • Easy Installation
  • Made in USA


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Hear From Our Customers




“I was an interior designer on a project where this product was being installed. I had heard and seen pictures of parking lifts – but, had never seen one in action – WOW!!! The residence was in a beach community where parking is a premium and our mutual client had numerous automobiles. I happened to be at the house the day the parking lift was installed…I was so impressed! The installers were professional and used such precision. In a matter of a few short hours I was able to see cars being lifted and lowered in an area that had basically been a hole in the garage floor when I had arrived at the house earlier. I cannot wait to be able to use them on a future project.”

Kara Maas, Allied ASID



"Not only were they very professional, they were very methodical and efficient with the install. They even made a point to finish just prior to some wet weather coming into my area to avoid me having to keep my classic cars outside in the bad elements."




"A million thanks to you and Jason! I don’t think there was an American Custom Lifts sticker included with the lift, but if there were I’d surely attach it! Great customer service. I will highly recommend your company when fellow car people see my lift."


Mike C.


"Hey Kristi, Armando did the installation last Friday and he did a fantastic job. He was extremely professional and I am beyond pleased with the service from both you and him. A special thank you to you – for all your help in this entire process."




"Kristi I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am with you and your product. I sincerely appreciate your numerous follow ups!! Thanks again…you have a customer for life."


Jim G.


"Thank you so much Brad. They fit beautifully. Thank you for everything. Your company and service is second to none."




"Both of my lifts are going strong and I have had no issues or problems – really happy with them!  People are continually amazed at the single post lift and I always give them your name!"


Bob W.

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