Backyard Buddy 4-Post Lifts


Backyard Buddy 4-post Lifts by American Custom Lifts

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Backyard Buddy 4-Post Lifts by American Custom Lifts

American Custom Lifts is proud to carry Backyard Buddy products.
Backyard Buddy 4-post lifts provide a perfect track record of Quality and
Safety. Backyard Buddy is proudly made in Warren, Ohio. American
Custom Lifts sells throughout the world with service centers in most major
cities throughout North America.

For Immediate Questions Call Us at 888.711.5438

    • We only use U.S. or Canadian structural grade steel.
    • Even the electric power unit and hydraulics are American made.
    • Our lifts are an extremely safe and stable design. Our new automatic

back-up lock is an added bonus in case of slack in the cable (which has never

  • Backyard Buddy Lifts are truly free-standing. They do not need to be
    bolted to the floor. Backyard Buddy is easy to roll around the shop even with a
    car on it. Our large phenolic casters will not mar your floor like some other lifts’
    steel casters.
  • We only sell factory direct and through our trusted distributors. We offer
    honest freight charges that are not added to the price of the lift. Some
    companies offer a delivered price, that just means you’re paying the same
    freight costs whether you live in California or Indiana. We show your freight
    charges up front, and the maximum savings available by shipping from point to
    point. ff you live nearby and have a regular car trailer, you are welcome to pick
    up your lift at our factory. You just need something like an engine hoist and
    some friends at home to unload it.
  • Even the smallest of details have been taken care of with you in mind, right
    down to the way we package your lift for shipping. We use steel end crates to
    keep everything together, so off-loading is easier whether you use your own
    trailer at a local dock or have our freight company bling it to your door.
  • Your lift arrives as ready-to-bolt together factory assembled sub-assemblies.


With a little help and common hand tools, you should be up and
running in less than a day. Please visit and click on
“assembly photos” to see Sam Mernmolo of Two Guys Garage fame assemble a
Backyard Buddy lift in his home garage.

For Immediate Questions Call Us at 888.711.5438

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