Choose from a large variety of Parking Lift products from American Custom Lifts (ACLIFTS).

Parking Lifts

Models: PHS-1, PHS-2, PHS-3 & PHS-4
The newest and most innovative 2-deck underground vehicle parking system in the world MADE IN AMERICA. Designed to lift up to two (2) 7, 000 lb. vehicles simultaneously. The deck structure and components are completely concealed below ground so there is no indication that a lift (or second car) is present when lowered. The PhantomPark®, a unique breed of lift for the uncompromising property owners that need affordable parking space.


Freight Lifts

ACLift products have been designed to perform specific tasks. Customer satisfaction is paramount and it is important that consideration be given to all of the following conditions to insure the proper lift is matched to a specific job application. Lowered Height Model selection considerations should include maximum lowered height for application. For ground level operations, consider pit mounting of the unit. Raised Height Model selection considerations should include maximum raised height for application. For higher level operations, consider a double high model. Vertical Travel Decide how high a load needs to be raised and note the distance. Specifications for all lifts show “standard vertical travel.” Distances are expressed in inches. Select one of these standard travels (or the next higher travel) from the specification tables shown for the product being considered.

Automotive Lifts

This unique design offers adjustable track width and unrestricted access to the driver’s side. No extra posts to get in the way or cause careless drivers to wipe out their wing mirrors or ding their doors. Well worth the extra money! Standard and SUV models available.


Custom Lifts

American Custom Lifts can design & build a variety of custom designed lifts. We build Scissor Lifts, Freight Lifts, Piano Lifts, Storage Lifts, Four Post Doublewide Parking Lifts, Automotive Lifts, Residential Garage Hoists & Commercial Garage Hoists. Here are just a few examples of custom lifts we have built in the past. What do you need?

If you need a special type of lift custom-built, or if you haven’t been able to find what you’re looking for elsewhere, simply give us a call or email us today an we’ll help you out.

Dealership Showroom Lifts

American Custom Lifts offers Custom Designed Showroom & Dealer Lifts for transporting vehicles from different floor levels in parking garages, car dealerships, high-rise commercial and residential buildings.

Ferrari On lift upper

Car Elevators

We have a large variety Auto Transport Lifts.

Turntable Lifts

This unique design offers a wide range of uses.

B16ft x 6  LOW2